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COVID-19 Testing:

1. What are the requirements for COVID-19 testing?

All patients are required to do pre-procedure COVID testing 48 hours prior (2 business days before), preferably at Sibley Memorial Hospital. The scheduling coordinator for the COVID will contact patients at least 5-6 days out to set up testing prior to procedure. If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the COVID-19 test, you may contact Gina Jones at Sibley Endoscopy Unit at her direct line at 202-660-5495 or EGD suite at 202-537-4025.

2. Can I get the test done at any testing facility?

Patients must get the COVID-19 testing at one of the Hopkins affiliates: Sibley, Bayview, Johns Hopkins Howard County. The reason for this is because the hospital had issues in the past with patients getting testing done elsewhere, but there was no consistency; the results would come back in 1-2 days or 3-5 days. Getting the testing done at Sibley will guarantee the hospital will receive the results in time and to avoid canceling the procedure the day before if in case the results are positive. For more information, please visit the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Testing and Care website.


1. Where should I report to?

Please arrive one hour prior to your procedure time. The Outpatient Endoscopy Suite is located on the first floor at the main hospital - Building C. You may enter through the main hospital entrance (Building B - near Sibley Clock Tower), then turn left. 

2. What to bring?

You will need to bring a photo identification card and insurance card at the time of your admission. A locker will be provided to store any personal items. Please leave any valuables at home.


3. Are visitors allowed?

Visitors are not allowed. They must remain in their vehicle or can wait in the main hospital lobby. Patients must designate a ride home. 

† Definition of a ride home is a responsible adult accompanying you home in a cab or car. You may not leave by cab, bus, subway or walk home alone. If you need to use a form of the above mentioned transportation, please make arrangements to have a responsible adult escort you home. Your procedure will be cancelled if you have not made the proper arrangements for a ride home, or you may opt to have the procedure done without sedation.

For more information, please visit the Sibley Memorial Hospital Endoscopy website or contact the Endoscopy unit at 202-537-4025.